Arik Devens and Allen Pike serve up incredibly important facts. New episode every other Friday.

7. One Fact at a Time

Arik defends himself from Facebook, Allen defends himself from cougars, and Arik doesn't know what a hot hatch is.
Feb 22, 2019 • 66 minutes

6. Nobody's Getting Scurvy

Allen goes deep on Nutrition Facts, we recap multiple culinary schemes, and Arik drops a history bomb.
Feb 08, 2019 • 60 minutes

5. I Made This Be Good

Arik continues his tour of the Pacific Northwest, Allen tries not to get drafted, and we crack open more critical adulting tips.
Jan 25, 2019 • 62 minutes

4. Adulting Life Hack Fact

We do some mass follow-up, Allen has a reckoning about movies, Arik 'splains Sesame Street, and Allen encounters Hamilton.
Jan 11, 2019 • 68 minutes

3. Caligulember

Google News tortures Allen, Paris battles garbage barricades, and the Romans ruin our calendars.
Dec 28, 2018 • 55 minutes

2. Wait, It Gets Worse

Allen doesn’t get fired, Arik introduces the horror that is the Alfa Romeo logo, and we learn the facts about garburators.
Dec 14, 2018 • 65 minutes

1. Cheese Scheme

Arik’s car melts, Allen details a cheese scheme, and we review some critical tips for home and travel.
Dec 02, 2018 • 52 minutes