Arik Devens and Allen Pike serve up fun facts, including the practical, historical, technical, and trivial. New episode once a month.

Dinosaur In a Wingsuit

May 26, 2024 • Episode 81 • 35 minutes
Arik uncovers what things are really named after, Allen goes subatomic, Arik marvels at astronomical coincidence, and Allen considers extraterrestrial flight.

Solar Stands for Solar

Apr 22, 2024 • Episode 80 • 39 minutes
Allen dives in to diodes, Arik explores the origin of taxis, and Allen reveals an unsavoury fact about zygotes.

Back Door Fact

Mar 25, 2024 • Episode 79 • 36 minutes
Arik throws peanuts, Allen tries to cook vegetables, photographers try to prompt a good pose, and the earth's magnetic field threatens to cause trouble.

Suffered for Science

Feb 29, 2024 • Episode 78 • 38 minutes
Scientists discover where birds go, the trouble with coin flips, the limits of the human body, and what exactly you can find in the Perseus Molecular Cloud.

Raspberry Dust

Jan 22, 2024 • Episode 77 • 37 minutes
Science discovers our galaxy's flavor, machinists discover precision measurements, and Arik discovers why you shouldn't rent a car in Germany.

That Doesn’t Seem True

Dec 18, 2023 • Episode 76 • 33 minutes
We check in on platypi and Polaris, consider zero's parity, and make a decision about booby traps.

Gelatinous, Delicious, Terrible

Nov 20, 2023 • Episode 75 • 43 minutes
Allen thinks about cans, Arik thinks about governance, and everybody thinks about the Roman Empire.

You're Cursed Anyway

Oct 30, 2023 • Episode 74 • 38 minutes
Allen considers ancient honey, Arik considers ancient surgeries, and some jobs may or may not get automated.

All You Need Is a Cartel

Sep 27, 2023 • Episode 73 • 32 minutes
Allen showcases a very surprising study, Arik recounts a very Canadian heist, and somebody loses a finger.

The Bone of Theseus

Aug 29, 2023 • Episode 72 • 32 minutes
Arik improves an idiom, Allen shares a good news fact, Arik shares a grammar fact, and Allen locates your bones.

Cool Fact

Jul 23, 2023 • Episode 71 • 32 minutes
Arik and Allen attempt a live episode, Allen attempts to store dry ice, Arik attempts to use the word 'relative', and Allen attempts to explain what salt does.

Both Jaunty and Cool

Jun 28, 2023 • Episode 70 • 39 minutes
Allen explains why summer exists, Arik outlines a trademark scheme, and Allen betrays Arik with a fishy biology fact.

This Would Be Unsurvivable

May 30, 2023 • Episode 69 • 35 minutes
Allen goes deep on whale ingestion, and Arik explains what's really going on with dinosaurs.

Ridiculously Ridonkulously Large

Apr 29, 2023 • Episode 68 • 36 minutes
Our sun proves a nuisance, the former Soviet Union makes a trade, we consider pepper seeds, Isaac Newton considers an apple, mice consider some cheese, rats get exonerated, and we share a superior alternative to implausible.

Astronomically Unlikely

Mar 23, 2023 • Episode 67 • 45 minutes
Women handle backward buttons, Allen handles a lot of feedback about very improbable things, and Arik handles digested asparagus.

We Gotta Blow It Up

Feb 21, 2023 • Episode 66 • 49 minutes
Allen saves us from asteroids, Jack Black's mom saves some astronauts, Allen offends Arik's sense of probability, and Arik sets the record straight on streetcar conspiracies.

Let's All Do Crime

Jan 27, 2023 • Episode 65 • 46 minutes
A Portuguese scheme attempts to make counterfeit money real, an American scheme attempts to make walking illegal, and we set the record straight on Australian toilets.

Don't Eat This

Dec 21, 2022 • Episode 64 • 36 minutes
Ancient cultures name colours, algae goes wild, toilets inspire poetry, and we attempt to correct the internet.

A Heaving Mass of People

Nov 28, 2022 • Episode 63 • 42 minutes
Arik makes an important call, Allen explains flavour, Arik invents football, Allen counts smiths, and we discover Ethiopian Time.

Sounds Made Up

Oct 27, 2022 • Episode 62 • 46 minutes
We talk about how rice is grown, how eyes are colored, how time is told, and, of course, a scheme.

Sorry, Scientists

Sep 27, 2022 • Episode 61 • 40 minutes
We consider too much rain, too many dinosaurs, too much bad stuff happening, and too many MIDI notes.

It's All Colonialism

Aug 29, 2022 • Episode 60 • 38 minutes
A new border appears, and an old new fish appears; we measure stars, and measure aging. Bonus: a special frog fact.

Paid for with Pee

Jul 24, 2022 • Episode 59 • 43 minutes
Vespasian pays for a colosseum, the bible describes angels, frogs jump into the air, and cities tell us how to compost.

A Little Round Blob

Jun 25, 2022 • Episode 58 • 51 minutes
Allen reveals why pills are the way they are, Arik reveals why trucks are the way they are, and we catch up on followup.

Butt-Water Air Adventure Tourism

May 23, 2022 • Episode 57 • 66 minutes
Turtles breathe in a very peculiar way, nut butter makes a mess, bacteria get crushed, and Arik goes on a quest for carbonation.

A Hippo Astronaut

Apr 27, 2022 • Episode 56 • 39 minutes
Allen attempts to throw things into a volcano, Arik attempts to clean his dishes, and hippos attempt to get around.

A Quadrillion of Yourself

Mar 28, 2022 • Episode 55 • 64 minutes
We have a bridge to sell you, as do renaissance philosophers, before we discuss some life forms that earth has an unreasonable number of. In the post show, Allen finally gets an EV.

Unicorn Blaster

Feb 23, 2022 • Episode 54 • 37 minutes
Allen lays out a wine scheme, Christa Mrgan explains the wonders of temporal resolution, Allen checks in on creatures' dangerousness, and we learn a couple things about George Orwell.

They All Have Goats

Jan 23, 2022 • Episode 53 • 52 minutes
Allen shares some puzzling genetics, Arik shares some puzzling puzzles, we go back to the '90s, and forward to the '30s.

We're Off Track

Dec 29, 2021 • Episode 52 • 59 minutes
Romans hunt for spies, retailers participate in a scheme, Arik and Allen get a bit off track. Okay, a lot off track.

This Is Non-Delicious

Nov 20, 2021 • Episode 51 • 59 minutes
Allen explains a novel thread, Arik brings us to the French Revolution, Allen dishes on spamming tools, and we continue to not work at Facebook.

The Secret Life of Facts

Nov 03, 2021 • Episode 50 • 51 minutes
Arik and Allen go back to some some choice facts, after having a vegan experience. Lil Nas is still on top, chickens are still spreading germs, and the ultimate nutrition label is still to be realized.

People Were Angry

Sep 16, 2021 • Episode 49 • 56 minutes
Allen drops the bass, Arik forecasts the weather, Allen is a bodybuilder, and Tesla concocts a scheme. After the Fact: trying not to pre-order a car.

Little Flame Throwers

Aug 20, 2021 • Episode 48 • 45 minutes
Arik and Allen wash cars, wash eggs, microwave lasagna, and anger math teachers.

They're Terrible Pets

Jul 19, 2021 • Episode 47 • 53 minutes
Arik gets paradoxical, Allen goes deeper on runways, Arik considers raccoons, and Allen struggles with Instagram.

To Milk a Pig

Jun 15, 2021 • Episode 46 • 35 minutes
Allen teaches Arik how to land a plane, Arik recaps the legal battle of the century, and we consider some alternative milk.

Tilty Rotunda

May 16, 2021 • Episode 45 • 40 minutes
Arik is whelmed, Allen highlights some classic cars, and centuries of engineers almost whelm a classic.

Rolled Vetch

Apr 17, 2021 • Episode 44 • 47 minutes
Allen tells a story of accidental evolution, Arik reassures 1930s New York, Allen accidentally learns about pearling, and Arik explains how the sun heats things.

Worse than a Cube

Mar 20, 2021 • Episode 43 • 48 minutes
Arik reviews the Autobahn, Allen discusses drag, Arik informs us how to get into the NBA, and ye get some followup.

Hint O’ Lead

Feb 18, 2021 • Episode 42 • 52 minutes
Allen discusses handling whisky and plutonium, Arik discusses how to name islands and escape prison, and we touch on our electric wagon quest.

Banana Split Bonanza

Jan 15, 2021 • Episode 41 • 57 minutes
Arik takes a second look at ye, Allen investigates a Sonic-related coverup, and we review an accent that doesn't exist. After the Fact: hypocrisy and synergy.

Ye Olde Pub

Dec 15, 2020 • Episode 40 • 49 minutes
Allen discovers woods, Arik transports us back to the olde tymes, and we do not start a Patreon.

Ineffective and Addictive

Nov 18, 2020 • Episode 39 • 54 minutes
Cough medicine is a surprisingly bad idea, medieval monks get surprisingly saucy, and mundane terms have surprising origins.

Hat-Savvy Area

Oct 15, 2020 • Episode 38 • 45 minutes
Allen surveys a straw hat snarl, Arik examines the electoral college's errors, and we finish with some feline followup.

Two Gun to Yuma

Sep 15, 2020 • Episode 37 • 69 minutes
Allen revisits big felines, Arik catalogues well-armed historical figures, and Allen cares way too much about electric trunks.

Joey Two-Lies

Aug 19, 2020 • Episode 36 • 56 minutes
Allen attempts to pitch a miniseries, Arik attempts to explain calendars, and a Spaniard attempts to become a spy.

Pick Your Danger

Jul 16, 2020 • Episode 35 • 51 minutes
Astronauts make stuff to breathe, Europeans plunder stuff to sell, Australians and New Zealanders have a cute animal showdown.

Not All Fun Facts Are Fun

Jun 14, 2020 • Episode 34 • 51 minutes
Whiteness is a construct, emoji are problematic, history is racist, and Black and indigenous lives matter.

Quakers & Quasars

May 20, 2020 • Episode 33 • 61 minutes
Video calls are a problem, the universe is mind-boggling, a preacher defies expectations, and we receive formal titles.

Thanks for Dominating Us

Apr 15, 2020 • Episode 32 • 55 minutes
Allen makes a hat, Arik visits medieval europe, Allen takes issue with Big Bread, and we offend the populace of Labrador.

The Baron of Disney World

Mar 15, 2020 • Episode 31 • 41 minutes
Arik unravels the truth about Arizona, Jessie Char unravels the truth about Disney World, and we all learn about Sentinel Chickens.

Is Mustard a Mustard

Feb 16, 2020 • Episode 30 • 41 minutes
Allen prepares for a newborn, brussels sprouts improve, your privacy is Borked, and narwhals surprise Arik.

This Is Not Health Advice

Jan 15, 2020 • Episode 29 • 52 minutes
A baby is foretold, Arik explains why we like umami, Allen goes super deep into cold meds (while on cold meds), and we gain some new emoji shortcuts.

Taxonomy of Things You Lick

Dec 15, 2019 • Episode 28 • 52 minutes
Allen puts orca whales in their place, Arik sends farmers to the polls, Allen takes candy from a baby, and Saskatchewan violates the Constitution.

Eighteen Wheels of Thunder

Nov 29, 2019 • Episode 27 • 46 minutes
Allen races big rigs, Tron cheats, the Japanese navy gets cooking, and Arik goes on a word-origin journey through the looking glass.

Top Two Assassinations

Nov 15, 2019 • Episode 26 • 49 minutes
Arik closes the loop on questionable presidents, and Allen goes deep on questionable airplanes.

The Princes of Light and Dark

Nov 01, 2019 • Episode 25 • 49 minutes
Arik is sleep deprived, Allen is targeted with a conference scheme, babies are cured of jaundice, and followup is BACK baby

A New Flavour Technology

Oct 18, 2019 • Episode 24 • 52 minutes
Allen sells Italy on tomatoes, Tiff Arment sells Allen on antique glassware, Starbucks sells us a scheme, and we decide to order oatmeal from Walmart.

What Is a Computer?

Oct 04, 2019 • Episode 23 • 56 minutes
Allen takes on Microsoft, Casey Liss takes on West Virginia, the Red Cross takes five, and we all take a journey to a mid-90s Toys “R” Us.

Ready for a New Banana

Sep 20, 2019 • Episode 22 • 57 minutes
Ô Canada is bananas, scientific progress used to be bananas, and the farming of bananas is itself bananas.

Everyone Was William

Sep 06, 2019 • Episode 21 • 58 minutes
Historical figures make up names, Italians get assigned names, large social groups forget one another's names, and the children are coming.

Lil Nas 10

Aug 23, 2019 • Episode 20 • 49 minutes
Allen warns of impending doom, Arik spreads socialist propaganda, and we ride 'til we can't no more.

Hit Me with Your Pet Shark

Aug 09, 2019 • Episode 19 • 53 minutes
Arik redefines the alphabet, Allen redefines fire, and we both ruin popular music.

Probably A Scheme

Jul 26, 2019 • Episode 18 • 51 minutes
Arik celebrates a fictional rep, Allen reps an architectural ploy, and we follow a dead metaphor around the world.

The Marshmallow Blob Market

Jul 12, 2019 • Episode 17 • 59 minutes
Allen reviews the monarchy, we gain fluency in Pittsburghese, and Arik discovers TikTok.

Broken and Evil

Jun 28, 2019 • Episode 16 • 53 minutes
A world tour of facts – from Virginia to the Bay Area, from Shakespearean England to Soap Followup City.

Two Dumpster Fires

Jun 13, 2019 • Episode 15 • 58 minutes
Water is wet, Teslas are trouble, and we delve into the wild world of rejected emoji.

40 Cans of Fake Pea Mayo

May 31, 2019 • Episode 14 • 59 minutes
Arik blows up Allen's calendar, Allen blows up the Impossible Burger, and science goes too far.

Unexpected Royalty Corner

May 17, 2019 • Episode 13 • 59 minutes
Arik pitches an emperor, Allen pitches a Twitter feature, and we get some inside info on anvil-launching.

A Poorly Rendered Plow

May 03, 2019 • Episode 12 • 57 minutes
Arik punks pirates, Allen flogs flags, and we fail horribly at evolving infrared vision.

More of a Facty Fact

Apr 19, 2019 • Episode 11 • 54 minutes
Arik sells snake oil, Allen extols the virtues of rags, and things get very serious in rural North Dakota.

3 Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger

Apr 05, 2019 • Episode 10 • 50 minutes
Allen ruins koalas, Arik ruins guys, Canada ruins its airport codes, and WikiHow was already ruined when we got there.

Evolutionarily Deprecated

Mar 22, 2019 • Episode 9 • 67 minutes
Allen offends some marsupials, Arik disproves Jesus, and we discuss a scheme for getting rich.

A Scandal Hydra

Mar 08, 2019 • Episode 8 • 69 minutes
Arik shows up the Titanic, Allen mutes everything, and we share some key bird facts.

One Fact at a Time

Feb 22, 2019 • Episode 7 • 66 minutes
Arik defends himself from Facebook, Allen defends himself from cougars, and Arik doesn't know what a hot hatch is.

Nobody's Getting Scurvy

Feb 08, 2019 • Episode 6 • 60 minutes
Allen goes deep on Nutrition Facts, we recap multiple culinary schemes, and Arik drops a history bomb.

I Made This Be Good

Jan 25, 2019 • Episode 5 • 62 minutes
Arik continues his tour of the Pacific Northwest, Allen tries not to get drafted, and we crack open more critical adulting tips.

Adulting Life Hack Fact

Jan 11, 2019 • Episode 4 • 68 minutes
We do some mass follow-up, Allen has a reckoning about movies, Arik 'splains Sesame Street, and Allen encounters Hamilton.


Dec 28, 2018 • Episode 3 • 55 minutes
Google News tortures Allen, Paris battles garbage barricades, and the Romans ruin our calendars.

Wait, It Gets Worse

Dec 14, 2018 • Episode 2 • 65 minutes
Allen doesn’t get fired, Arik introduces the horror that is the Alfa Romeo logo, and we learn the facts about garburators.

Cheese Scheme

Dec 02, 2018 • Episode 1 • 52 minutes
Arik’s car melts, Allen details a cheese scheme, and we review some critical tips for home and travel.